Forum: National health insurance needs to reward those who stay healthy

Many people have voiced their views on the proposed MediShield Life revamp and have weighed in on the issue of insurance premiums.

The Government should enact a universal health insurance scheme that is not for profit, thus lifting the heavy burden of paying hefty premiums from the citizens.

To do so, the Government needs to start from a totally different model of universal healthcare that supports well-being and does not penalise inevitable sickness, which is what happens in the present approach of imposing heavy premiums for sickness claims.

This healthcare model has to incorporate incentives to adopt a healthy lifestyle to deter abuse of the insurance cover.

There has to be a reward motivation for staying healthy, and not a penalty-based system to deter costly premium increases for insurance claims.

Healthy people would offset the insurance claims of others due to sickness.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)