Forum: More than 2 hours' wait for bank customer service

On Monday, I went to the DBS Bank branch at Westgate mall to make an over-the-counter transaction.

I got there at around 11.50am and was asked to leave my mobile number for a queue number to be sent to me.

I waited till about 1.20pm but did not receive an SMS. It was only after I approached a bank employee at 1.30pm that an SMS was sent.

With the queue number, I entered the waiting area. When my number was still not called after 25 minutes, I decided to give up, as I did not know how much longer I needed to wait and I was already late for work.

I was informed via SMS at 2.30pm that my number would be served, but I had already left by then.

While I understand that productivity and efficiency are affected by Covid-19, I do hope that such long waiting times do not become a norm.

Lim Beng Lee

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