Forum: More needs to be done to cut down on plastic use for sake of environment

I lived in Singapore for the first 10 years of my life with Singaporean parents and am currently residing in Australia. I recently returned here for a visit.

Singapore still lives up to its amazing reputation for its vibrancy, architecture, people and food culture.

But I was dismayed by how much plastic was used unnecessarily during the course of my visit.

Here was my single person, one-day usage, excluding shopping:

My breakfast of iced kopi-o and two curry puffs came with one plastic cup, a plastic cup lid, a plastic cup carrier, one plastic straw, two small plastic bags - one for each curry puff - and one red plastic bag.

My lunch of nasi padang, you tiao and soya bean drink involved the use of five single-use plastic packaging items.

For dinner of satay, mee goreng and lime juice, I ended up with seven single-use plastic items.

Why was it necessary to put each curry puff into a separate plastic bag, which was then transferred into another plastic bag?

A simple switch to a paper bag or doing away with one plastic bag would be easy enough.

To me, this plastic use can be easily reduced with small incremental steps.

Changing mindsets is very difficult and often is achieved only through government mandate.

Singapore has just begun moving in this direction.

As a country that prides itself on being green and clean, Singapore has to do better on this score for the sake of the environment.

Anusha Aubert

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