Forum: More initiative needed so Singapore can be self-reliant for clean energy

I refer to Forum writer Seah Ah Kuan's proposal to import renewable energy from neighbouring countries to help Singapore achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 (Singapore should do more to import renewable energy, Aug 28).

Indeed, Mr Seah is thinking out of the box and has raised a stark reminder of how little time we have left to find a solution.

But we need to make wise choices about whom to buy energy from, and remember that relations between countries can change. There are some examples to illustrate my point:

• About 40 per cent of European Union imports of natural gas come from Russia, but with the occasional geopolitical rows between the two, there is an uneasy reliance on this supply.

• In Africa, the control of the Nile for hydroelectric plants has always been a source of unending dispute between the neighbouring states.

• In Singapore, the issue of our water supply from Malaysia also crops up from time to time.

Mr Seah has highlighted the necessity of going offshore to develop Singapore's future clean energy supply.

I wonder if our planners have studied the possibility of wind or solar farms on our islands like Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin and St John's Island. We could also consider offshore large-capacity wind turbine farms.

We should be proud of ourselves for creating alternative sources of water over the years to reduce our reliance on imported water, and for our consistent conservation efforts.

We should use similar initiative to achieve our clean energy independence goal.

Wong Bheet Huan

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