Forum: More can still be done to manage Covid-19 situation in foreign worker dorms

Reading the article "Workers at Jurong dorm allege neglect and lack of medical care" (Oct 15) left me feeling disappointed.

It showed that even more can be done in the fight against Covid-19, in addition to the vaccination drive, mask mandates and the tightening of social restrictions.

One of the issues is the same one that caused Singapore to enter the circuit breaker last year - the conditions in the workers' dormitories. It was found then that the conditions in the dorms were ripe for the spread of Covid-19, and the Government moved to improve the situation.

The chief executive of dorm operator Centurion Corporation assured the public in a Forum letter last year that conditions in the dormitories were liveable and welcomed a review of standards for dormitory operations (Workers' dorms have recreational facilities, programmes for community living, May 29, 2020).

But this time round, when there are again cases of Covid-19 in the dorms, some workers are voicing their frustrations.

In Singapore, we take pride in trying to be prepared for every possible scenario. This incident has shown this may not be the case.

Tang Li