Forum: More can be done to curb sexual aggressiveness

It is tragic to read of men treating women as sex objects in news reports of men abusing their daughters and other women, wife-swopping, molestation and rape cases. Equally tragic are the psychological and physical impacts on the girls and women who have been abused.

What is needed to stem such abuse cases is a national campaign involving the Government, non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, religious organisations, the media, business organisations and the community to motivate people to respect others.

Respecting a person can mean both showing deferential regard or esteem for someone, and avoiding interference with a person.

We must teach boys and men that it is not reasonable or tolerable for them to be sexually aggressive.

We should encourage men and women to behave respectfully towards one another through events such as marriage and parenting workshops. We can help eliminate negative attitudes towards and stereotypes about women, men and their roles in society by holding exhibitions and disseminating information.

Awareness should be raised against the use of sexist language, and for the equal treatment of men and women in places such as clubs.

Singapore is one country that is well able to motivate people to change, stop practising old and bad habits, and become better people. 

Zaibun Siraj

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