Forum: Ministry should get involved in decision on swimmers' prize money

Singapore athletes should be honoured to represent the country, and the sacrifices they made to win for the nation should be respected and rewarded accordingly.

The recent saga involving drug consumption by national swimmers Joseph Schooling and Amanda Lim has created a furore on social media.

The Singapore National Olympic Council, the organisation responsible for the MAP Awards, will convene a disciplinary committee to look into the matter (SNOC to convene disciplinary hearing into Schooling and Lim's cannabis consumption cases, Aug 31).

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth has said it was not involved in the decision to withhold the prize money for Schooling and Lim (Swimmers Joseph Schooling, Amanda Lim's SEA Games prize money put on hold over cannabis use, Sept 14).

Non-involvement doesn't seem right in this instant.

Our national interests are at stake. Whatever the outcome of the findings, all parties should be on the same page to give their unanimous support.

A mistake was committed and a collective decision is required to resolve the matter and set a precedent.

The decision may not placate all, but if it is not whimsical and can withstand queries, we should proceed and move on.

Goh Boon Kai

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