Forum: Medisave flexibility needed for non-surgical dental procedures

I agree with Mr Ortega Gerard James that we should be able to use Medisave for non-surgical dental treatments and work

(Root canal treatment a necessity, but not claimable using Medisave, Nov 26).

I was recently informed by a dental clinic that some of my teeth affected by advanced gum disease require root planing, a non-surgical dental procedure.

I was told that I cannot use Medisave to co-pay for this treatment, which would cost me about $1,000 for a few teeth.

I cannot understand why Medisave cannot be used for expensive non-surgical dental treatments.

Dental treatments are vital as they can benefit our overall health and eating ability, and they are not required frequently.

There is an urgent need to review the guidelines and exercise flexibility to allow Medisave to be used for expensive non-surgical dental treatments and work not covered by the Community Health Assist Scheme.

A cap amount could be applied, and there could also be a limit to the number of claims a year.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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