Forum: Markings on park connectors should be standardised

Last week, I was enjoying a walk along the Kallang and Tanjong Rhu Promenade park connectors when I noticed several types of markings indicating how different users such as pedestrians and cyclists should share the path.

One part had no dividing line to separate pedestrians and cyclists. Another section had a red line in the middle of the path, with no indication of which zone was for pedestrians or cyclists.

The third type of markings I saw included a red line on the ground, with symbols for cyclists on one side and arrows to show in which direction they should travel. The other side of the path had similar directional arrows and a marking indicating that no e-scooters were allowed.

The fourth variation I saw had no divider line, a pedestrian and a cyclist icon together on one side of the path, and only a cyclist icon on the other side.

I find it confusing to have so many types of markings. The fourth type seems like the most dangerous and I hope it can be rectified as soon as possible.

Of all these, I prefer the third type. It shows clearly that one-third of the path is for pedestrians with the other two-thirds for cyclists, and also which devices are not allowed. "Keep left" arrows are also given for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The markings and icons should be standardised and made known to park connector users.

This would keep the pathways and parks safe for everyone.

Lim Poh Seng

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