Forum: Many seniors have a lot to offer society

Professor Tommy Koh implied that though Singapore has an ageing society, the able-bodied can contribute to the nation in their various fields of expertise (The global campaign to combat ageism, April 29).

As a former part-time academic and a military veteran, I know that some of my former colleagues, who are mentally and physically capable, are willing to help Singapore in whatever way they can.

A good example is how Singapore Armed Forces Veterans' League members in their 60s, 70s and 80s are, with the support of the Ministry of Defence, actively involved as defence ambassadors.

They give talks about their experiences and the importance of defending our country to officer cadets and in schools.

Similarly, veterans in fields such as medicine and international trade could give talks or provide advice.

Elderly retailers and hawkers could also provide useful advice to younger aspirants.

Elderly Singaporeans can continue to contribute and be useful to our society.

Adrian Villanueva

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