Forum: Many flouting mask requirement indoors

Since the relaxation of Covid-19 safe management measures in March, I have observed many people choosing not to wear a mask indoors, which is still required, on the bus during non-peak hours, and inside malls and supermarkets.

Quite a few looked nonplussed when I reminded them to put their mask on or wear it properly, which suggests that they had become used to not wearing it.

On the MRT on Sunday, a young man with his mask covering only his chin avoided eye contact and totally ignored me when I asked him to put the mask on.

I have also encountered people who became totally defensive when reminded. I wonder if I should continue to take on the role of the now decommissioned safe distancing ambassador, at the risk of my personal safety.

While we can continue to repeat the mantra that everyone should be socially responsible, even to those who have chosen to be irresponsible, it is time that the authorities step in with more forceful actions.

For a start, the number of people who were cautioned or fined for not wearing masks indoors should be reported every week. I think this number would be more meaningful than the daily number of Covid-19 cases, which most have already become numb to.

Lim Teck Koon

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