Forum: Make use of subsidies for BTO flats and live thriftily

I believe that young people should start their married life by doing things within their means.

I cannot fathom why 40 per cent of applicants drop out from each Build-To-Order (BTO) sales exercise (Repeat applicants a factor in higher BTO application rates: HDB, June 1).

Housing Board BTO flats are generally affordable, especially the smaller units. They are heavily subsidised, compared with private housing.

Young Singaporeans should take advantage of the state subsidies to start their families in a BTO flat, instead of paying larger mortgages for resale flats.

The first house we buy may not be the best or the most satisfactory. It is very likely that we will not live there forever.

As long as they are not choosy about the location or what floor it is on, the majority of Singaporeans can afford an HDB BTO flat.

Yes, we only live once. But we need to live thriftily rather than indulge in wants that bring us constant anxiety and stress.

Foo Sing Kheng

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