Forum: Make sure SafeEntry enforcers are properly trained and equipped

I am disappointed at how the SafeEntry system is being administered in some places.

I was happy when SafeEntry readers were introduced to let us just tap our TraceTogether token, or smartphone with the TraceTogether app open, on the reader to check in or out.

However, I found that whenever the reader failed to respond, the SafeEntry enforcer would ask me to scan the QR code with my TraceTogether app.

This made me think of the primary users for which the token was created - people without smartphones.

I found out later that even if the token's battery is flat, there is a QR code on the token that can be scanned for SafeEntry.

Alas, at many entry points, the enforcer does not have the SafeEntry app loaded onto a mobile device that can scan the token's QR code.

This creates a bottleneck at entry points whenever a person's token cannot be scanned by the readers.

I have also noticed that a few SafeEntry enforcers do not seem to know whether the SafeEntry readers are properly switched on.

Lastly, I wish to share my experience with a SafeEntry enforcer at a market in Chinatown.

He was unmasked when he asked me to check in as he was preparing to eat.

I asked him to put on his mask before I approached the SafeEntry reader, and he grudgingly pulled it on after telling me "you will not die, lah".

To prevent long queues forming at shopping malls now that it is important to check vaccination status as part of SafeEntry, I hope that the malls will ensure their SafeEntry enforcers are properly trained and equipped.

Pauline Margaret Chung Pui Lan