Forum: Make some changes to allow young dancers to perform

I totally agree with Mr Edward Nicholas Ong (Bullying of dance troupe goes against Singapore's pluralism, Jan 1) and Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng's (Creativity should be encouraged in dance performance, Jan 1) very supportive messages for the young dance troupe Dance Spectrum International (DSI).

In the first place, why do we allow a petition of "over 1,200 signatures, with several people criticising the performance for being inappropriate and disrespectful of tradition", and "cyber bullying" of these young dancers to force these talented performers to withdraw from Chingay 2021 (Dance troupe withdraws from Chingay 2021 after criticism, Dec 30)?

As a former educator of 36 years, I find it ironic that while we want to encourage creativity and resilience in our young people, we cave to cyber bullying, and allow a minority of naysayers to keep a larger audience - both local and foreign - from watching the performance.

I know it must have been heartbreaking for these young dancers, who must have practised very hard and looked forward enthusiastically to their 15-to-20-second routine.

I am certain their choreographer, DSI founder and director Sharon Liew, and the dancers' families and friends feel the same way.

Why can't the organisers come up with some minor changes?

Let the troupe showcase its ability, creativity and resilience.

A nation's strength is as good as the encouragement and motivation we give to our young, the future leaders of this little red dot.

Julia Sng-Thng

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