Forum: Make process easier for self-employed who need to do regular Covid-19 testing

I am a self-employed person working in the fitness industry. Since last Thursday, all self-employed persons working with unmasked clients have been put on a compulsory "fast and easy testing" regime.

While many of us support the testing, the roll-out of the process has been poorly organised.

Only three centres are available for us to choose from, and they are open only from 10am to 5pm.

To make matters worse, we cannot choose the time slots. Considering the high number of applications, this is hardly adequate. Available dates are about a week away.

And according to the circular sent out by Sport Singapore, we will be notified by SMS only a few days before our test. Are we expected to make work arrangements on such short notice?

This compounds our problems during an already challenging period when our income was, and still is, badly affected.

Since we have to be tested twice a month, it likely means that we will have to forfeit work and lose even more income.

I emphasise again that I am in support of the testing measures, but feel that the system in places does not consider the logistics of accommodating the many who need to be tested and retested, as well as the concerns of the self-employed.

I urge the authorities to make the process as easy as possible, especially since we are preparing for a new normal in which Covid-19 is endemic.

Alan Kiat-Leng Lee

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