Forum: Make people pay for roadside parking permit

I refer to the Forum letters regarding cars parking along the roads in private housing estates (Private estate residents treating roads as private parking space, Dec 23, 2021; Grassroots organisations can help to manage parking issues in private estates, Dec 27, 2021; and Single white line a good way to deter street parking in private estates, Dec 29, 2021).

In many cases, the private homes have driveways, but owners would rather park their cars along the road, causing obstruction.

I attribute this phenomenon to the mentality of "what's within my gate is mine and what is outside of my gate is ours, why do I need to use what's mine when everyone else gets to use what is ours?".

Some owners go one step further by placing garbage bins or other items on the road in front of their house so that they can "chope", or reserve, the space.

Car owners should be required to pay for a permit to park along the road. This way, those who are unwilling to pay for the permit would have to park their vehicle within their driveway.

Leon Lui Yuen Leung

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