Forum: Make key transaction details visible at a glance for cashless payment

Some dishonest customers will go to great lengths to cheat hawkers of their hard-earned money (Hawkers scammed by fake screenshots of payments, Dec 8).

During peak hours, stallholders find it tough to juggle the multiple tasks of serving and collecting payment from customers.

In that fast-paced environment, attention lapses expose hawkers to the risk of deceitful acts.

Perhaps e-payment service providers could refine their e-payment confirmation screens to prominently depict essential features such as the place, date and cost, such that the information is easily visible at a glance.

Correct and effective use of e-payments helps store owners by doing away with the task of collecting money and returning change to customers, thereby improving hygiene and giving them more time to serve customers.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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