Forum: Make it easier for diners to return trays

That it will be mandatory for diners at hawker centres to clear their own litter and return trays is welcome news (Mandatory for diners to return trays, clear own litter from June, May 15).

This requirement has been a long time coming, especially when public education efforts and campaigns exhorting diners to be socially responsible have failed to produce the desired results.

Most diners will comply with the mandate because as much as they expect those diners before them to clean up, they also want to do likewise for those occupying the table after them.

To make it easier for diners to return their used crockery, there should be adequate wash basins and tray return racks installed at strategic locations.

Liquid soap and paper towels should also be made available to diners who need to wash their hands after clearing and cleaning up.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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