Forum: Made to feel like offenders at driving centre

My son and I were at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre in Woodlands last Friday to request that he be exempted from the simulator lessons in his Class 3A driving licence course.

When my son attended his first simulator lesson, he felt very dizzy and nauseated. The discomfort persisted for several hours after the lesson ended.

He asked about being exempted from the next two simulator lessons and was told by the school's instructors that he needed only to produce a doctor's letter.

He went to an ear, nose and throat specialist and obtained a letter.

When we were at the centre's Traffic Police counter, a tester told my son off loudly for not obtaining a form from either the Traffic Police or the driving school.

My son was not told that he needed to complete a form to request an exemption.

The tester said the letter was not valid, and ignored my son's attempts to show him the medical test results.

I went to the counter to try to explain what the documents were, but the tester spoke rudely to me.

We felt like we were being treated as "offenders" even though we just wanted to submit a doctor's letter.

We left the centre disappointed with the level of service.

Judy Kwan Huiping

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