Forum: Made to feel I didn't belong on dance floor because of my age

Ageism can happen in places that are perceived to belong to young people, and where young people think seniors don't belong.

Earlier this month, I was on the crowded dance floor of a club when a man who looked to be in his 20s deliberately pushed against me a few times and said, "Auntie, go home".

My dance partner, aged 57, and I, 62, moved away.

I did tell a security officer about what happened and received only an "it's crowded" in response.

We did, however, receive some nice comments from other young people, and this ugly encounter will not deter us.

I wonder how we as a country can encourage young people like that man to think differently and be willing to share space with people like me. I paid to get into the club and had a right to be there too.

Ong Seok Khim

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