Forum: Lower voting age to 18

I refer to the joint reply by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Health (No parental consent needed for Covid-19 vaccination and phone call was not required, March 1).

The ministries confirmed that no parental consent for Covid-19 vaccination is required for those 18 years of age and above serving in the uniformed services, with the reasoning that such persons "shoulder serious responsibilities, including maintaining law and order and keeping the country safe and secure".

If an 18-year-old is, by law, obliged to bear arms even as a fresh recruit serving national service, and if he is deemed to "possess sufficient maturity and understanding" to appreciate the benefits and risks of vaccination, then he should also have a bigger role in how his country is governed and run.

According 18-year-old citizens voting eligibility in our general election is long overdue.

The Government should not expect our younger citizens to take on the responsibility of maintaining law and order and keeping the country safe, yet in the same breath deny them voting rights.

Richard Kong Sui Khian

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