Forum: Low medical cost does not equal mediocre care

I refer to Mr Ng Seng Kiat's letter, "High standards of service at private hospital not achieved cheaply" (April 27).

I agree with Mr Ng that more scrutiny and analysis of all other cost factors would present a fairer and clearer picture of the major factors contributing to rising medical insurance costs.

However, I disagree that high standards come with high cost.

I was recently required to undergo a major surgical procedure and was quoted about $90,000 for the procedure and hospitalisation in Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

The same procedure and hospitalisation in a Class A ward at National University Hospital (NUH) was estimated to cost $40,000.

I eventually chose to have the procedure done at NUH.

At NUH, I experienced excellent care and I was good to go home after a week. Lower medical cost does not equal mediocre care.

Hurng Yuhui