Forum: Lost wallet found and returned at police e-kiosk, but still unable to retrieve it

I took a Grab ride on the morning of Jan 21 and, shortly after alighting, found that I had left my wallet behind. I called the driver, who confirmed that he had found it.

I was not able to make any arrangement with the driver as he was busy on the road.

When I called Grab in the afternoon, I was told that the driver had returned the wallet at a neighbourhood police post (NPP) self-help kiosk. I went to the NPP self-help kiosk the following day, but was not able to retrieve my wallet as it was not manned. I was given a hotline number instead.

I called the hotline repeatedly but the only response I have received so far is that the line is engaged. I left a message.

I have been calling the hotline and leaving a voice message every day. As at Wednesday, six days after I dropped my wallet, I have yet to receive any call.

I cannot understand how the lost and found department is operated. It's highly inconvenient to misplace one's wallet.

While I am thankful that it was found and returned, I am also frustrated that I have no way of retrieving it when I cannot reach the relevant department.

It would be great if something can be done to improve the efficiency of the system.

Ang Chee Peng

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