Forum: Look into ways to improve Terminal 4's connectivity with airport's other terminals

Changi Airport is one of the few airports in the world to have four terminals (Changi Airport Terminal 4 to reopen on Sept 13 to ease congestion at other terminals, July 23).

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are close to one another and are well connected with barrier-free walkways, travellators and the Skytrain.

Some people think that Terminal 4, located where the former Budget Terminal used to be and which is a bit far from the other terminals, is a "budget terminal" despite it being equipped with the latest technology.

T4's biggest issue, though, is its lack of connectivity with the other terminals.

First, there are very few points from which one can travel from other terminals to T4, not only from public areas like departure and arrival halls, the MRT station and bus terminals, but also from the transit halls of the other terminals to T4's transit area for connecting flights.

There is also no direct public bus from T4 to the other terminals. If people want to go from T4 to another terminal, they have to take a taxi or wait for the free shuttle bus.

Second, there are not enough signs that show clearly where to take the shuttle bus to get to T4. At the transit halls, the shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off points are located at one of the boarding gates far from the centre of the terminals.

A shuttle bus route that connects a few locations at each terminal should operate every five minutes or so. I am sure the public would not mind paying a reasonable fare similar to that of feeder buses. Airport staff could show their passes and passengers could show their boarding pass to ride for free.

While the construction of a Skytrain link to T4 may not be feasible at the moment because Terminal 5 is still being constructed, the authorities should figure out more ways to improve connectivity between T4 and the other terminals.

U Kyaw Oo

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