Forum: Look into traffic congestion happening outside schools

The incident outside Red Swastika School involving a Bentley driver highlighted two issues (Bentley driver held for rash act at school, Jan 12).

First, people with a strong sense of entitlement who refuse to follow the law should be taken off the road to keep the public safe.

The driver's actions were dangerous, selfish and unacceptable, and could have endangered a person's life.

Second, schools have been limiting the entrance of private vehicles due to security and safety reasons. They are justified in doing so, but should not do this at the expense of safety and public order.

I often see long queues of cars outside schools, and vehicles parking illegally and causing obstruction. Some parents double-park, taking up another lane, and some try to cut the queue and block traffic in other lanes in the process.

Schools could mitigate this issue and ease congestion by requesting that parents park at nearby carparks or take public transport. Many schools have Housing Board carparks a short walk away.

If the congestion problems and traffic violations persist, schools should work with the authorities to resolve them.

Steven Lim

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