Forum: Look at ways for public to identify, report errant delivery riders

I was upset to read about the recent incident involving an eight-year-old and a GrabFood rider on a footpath (Girl, 8, left with eye injury after collision with GrabFood rider, Jan 19).

It's time for delivery companies to do something to help ensure safety for footpath users.

The recent incident may be the tip of the iceberg, as many near-collisions may have gone unreported.

I urge delivery companies to have riders wear some sort of identification tag - perhaps a brightly coloured vest with a rider's identity number (for example, GF101) - so that the public can notify the delivery company of any infringement of riding rules.

Knowing they can be easily identified also helps to remind riders to be mindful of other pathway users.

In addition, there should be a common hotline printed on the vest so that the public can have a direct line to report errant riders.

It's time to think about easily identifying errant delivery riders, other than just having them wear their company's shirt. Everyone has a part to play in road safety.

Ho Jin Kiat

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