Forum: Long wait to see doctor at Singapore National Eye Centre

My recent two visits to the Singapore National Eye Centre's (SNEC) Clinic 3 were not pleasant.

On both occasions, I had to endure long waiting hours - on Nov 16, from 2.40pm to 5.30pm; and on Monday, from 2.40pm to 7.20pm - before leaving the clinic.

On Monday, I had to do an impromptu anterior chamber tap procedure; even so, having to spend that long stretch of time at the clinic is not acceptable.

I overheard grouses from other patients in the waiting room, all complaining about the long waiting time to see a doctor.

Singapore General Hospital's shuttle bus service passing by SNEC stops operating at 7pm on weekdays, so patients leaving the clinic beyond that time would have to walk all the way to the nearest bus stop or MRT station. Many of them are elderly people.

It did not help that it was raining on Monday evening.

Furthermore, I had to pay $39.90 for a 5ml bottle of Simbrinza eye drops. Is there a subsidy for this?

Is this particular clinic overwhelmed with patients?

Can something be done to address this?

Loong Chik Tong

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