Forum: Live and let live attitude towards common spaces not good enough

I refer to the Forum letters on clutter by writers Martin Frois (Common space treated as own backyard, Dec 3) and Leslie C.C. Lim (Residents should have some leeway to place items outside front door, Dec 6).

Common spaces are just that - for use by all, not by some. It shows a plain lack of civic-mindedness when some people choose to occupy community spaces for whatever purposes.

I see plants and dustbins placed along footpaths in front of landed properties, and even vehicles parked on footpaths. This forces pedestrians and wheelchair users to use roadways at their own risk.

In common corridors and lift lobbies, people may trip over items left there. How is this something we should condone?

In strata living, everyone pays for cleaning and landscaping services. If some decide to use the common walkways, lobbies or grassy areas outside their units as their personal spaces, it is not just a matter of making them pay for the use of these spaces. The cleaning contractors may also find it impossible to do a proper job when things are placed in common areas, which the cleaners are supposed to clean, on pain of liquidated damages if they do not do a good job.

Incomplete cleaning can also lead to other hygiene and pest problems.

When my mother, who lives in a slab block, suffered a stroke, the ambulance crew carrying the stretcher needed to kick away footwear and racks in the corridor to get to her apartment. To me, at that point, it became an issue that could affect whether a person lived or died.

Town councils and management committees should be given more teeth to handle the issue.

I can only imagine what would happen if forbearance or a live and let live attitude were applied in other areas, such as traffic management.

Kuldip Singh

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