Forum: Lim Bo Seng tomb should be accorded more respect

I visited the tomb of Singapore war hero Lim Bo Seng at MacRitchie Reservoir on Sunday morning.

While I stood quietly at attention to pay my respects to a man who gave his life against the invading Japanese troops, I was perturbed to see and hear the filming of an Indian dance right in front of the grave, while the belongings and footwear of the dancer and crew were left on the steps and floor leading up to the tombstone.

This seems rather disrespectful, and the dancing and filming also disturbed the peace and serenity of the grave's surroundings.

Can the authorities please put up a sign informing visitors that the place is not just a memorial, but also the actual final resting place of Major-General Lim, to which respect should be accorded and where decorum should be observed?

If the filming of the dance was authorised, such actions should also not be permitted by the authorities in future.

Edwin Pang

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