Forum: Let us rally behind Schooling despite drug offence

I have been reading some scathing comments on social media and online forums about how swimmer Joseph Schooling has let Singapore down.

Let us not forget that he has brought glory to our nation and he is the only one who has won an Olympic gold medal for the Republic.

We understand that sportsmen are held in high esteem and they are role models for the younger generation.

But sportsmen are also human and they battle their own set of problems and mental issues which can make them slip at times from the high standards they set for themselves.

They are under tremendous pressure and stress when they compete and try to win accolades for the country.

Let us show some empathy and rally behind Joseph Schooling during this tough time and not judge him or his character based on this one misdemeanour.

His accomplishments have given Singaporeans great joy and made us proud.

Let us cherish those moments instead of just condemning him for a rash act.

Ganesh Radhakrishnan

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