Forum: Let singles rent flats at subsidised rate

While I disagree with MP Louis Chua's call for singles to be allowed to apply for a Build-To-Order Housing Board flat from the age of 28 instead of 35 (Allow singles to apply for BTO flats from age 28 instead of 35: WP's Louis Chua, Sept 13), I agree with him that they are priced out of renting a flat on the open market.

I think the Government should consider renting flats at a subsidised rate to singles from the age of 28 for a limited period of time (maybe up to two years) to encourage more mingling of single Singaporeans.

Engaged couples who are waiting for their new flats could also be given priority under a scheme like this.

The Government should continue to roll out favourable schemes to help young Singaporean couples set up a family here.

Ivan Goh

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