Forum: Lessons from Ukraine for Singapore

Russia's invasion of Ukraine should serve as an eye-opener for Singapore.

We can draw lessons from an unprovoked invasion of a small, sovereign country like Ukraine. One such lesson is that Singaporeans must not take things for granted whether in good or bad times.

The world today is fraught with uncertainty, and the least expected events can happen. Hence, we must always have a strong military to deter aggression and protect the country.

Singaporeans can also play an important role in supporting the Singapore Armed Forces by rendering their services in civil defence. This would involve citizens looking after the safety and basic needs of the whole community so that life may go on as normally as possible during an emergency.

Singaporeans have enjoyed peace and security not by chance, but by standing with the Government all these years.

We have placed great importance on emergency preparedness measures which have inculcated in us a sense of security, which in turn serves as a morale booster for people of diverse backgrounds.

More importantly, we must have a positive mindset, and be prepared and ready for any eventuality.

All of us must cooperate in dealing with any form of threat. We have a responsibility to ourselves, the community and our nation as a whole.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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