Forum: Leave encashment formula for civil service applied to officers on different work schedules

We thank Mr Lee Chiang Fong for his feedback on the public service's formula for the encashment of unused annual leave (Formula used means public service lags behind private sector standards, July 29).

While the civil service has largely shifted to a five-day work week since this was implemented in 2004, we still have some officers on a 51/2-day work week and other work schedules.

Officers' overall work hours per week and annual leave entitlement remained unchanged when we moved to a five-day work week. The leave encashment formula was thus similarly retained and applied to officers on either work schedule.

We recognise that times and market practices change, as do the needs of our officers. We continually review our human resource practices and will take into account the suggestion in the Forum letter.

Allan Phua

Director, HR Policy

Public Service Division

Prime Minister's Office

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