Forum: Lax safety management at car inspection centre worrying

Recently, I drove my car to Vicom in Kaki Bukit for the mandatory vehicle inspection, which was deferred from June when all centres were closed.

I observed the following:

• There was no prominent QR code for safe entry displayed. There were some QR codes at the self-service kiosks, but the queues were long.

• There were no safe distancing ambassadors to check queueing distances, or floor markings at the cashier booth or self-service kiosks.

• No temperature taking was done.

• No hand-washing facilities or hand sanitiser was in sight.

• Queues were already long at 9am.

• Three vehicle inspectors drove each car through the inspection line. All did not wear gloves and did not sanitise their hands before and after driving each car, and all cars were not wiped down at the end of the inspection queue.

• Some cars had passengers other than the driver.

I was shocked to see the very lax safe management measures.

These had the makings of a Covid-19 outbreak, with no means of contact tracing if it were to happen.

All it would take is for one vehicle inspector to come into contact with a contaminated surface in one car, and the spread of Covid-19 would swiftly follow.

In any case, for private passenger vehicles, given the reduced use during Covid-19, why take this risk?

Perhaps we could limit inspections to commercial and private-hire vehicles for now, until we enter phase three of Singapore's reopening.

Wong Hong Meng

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