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Forum: Kite left in tree, with string hanging across the road

The string of a kite caught in some branches stretches from tree to tree across Tanjong Rhu Road. The writer fears the string could pose a danger to road users. PHOTO: COURTESY OF PUSHPA SIVAKUMAR

People fly kites every evening in the field between Pebble Bay and Costa Rhu in the Tanjong Rhu area.

Usually, they take their kites home. But some kites are caught in trees and left hanging there.

The kite in the picture has been there for two weeks. The attached string stretches across Tanjong Rhu Road, from one tree to another. If the wind brings the string any lower, it could pose a danger to those riding two-wheelers.

Also, during the Lantern Festival, I saw a couple lighting fire lanterns and letting them fly towards the trees and the Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

Whom should I call if I see such violations?

Pushpa Sivakumar

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