Forum: Keeping toilets clean should come naturally

It is good to try novel ideas to motivate people to keep public toilets clean (Coffee shop toilets decorated to look more 'homely' to encourage cleanliness, Nov 19).

The decoration of the toilets of 10 coffee shops is an innovative attempt at creating a homely and cosy atmosphere in the hope that users will treat these toilets as their own.

While I commend the Public Hygiene Council initiative, I think one part of it - volunteers rewarding those who show good toilet etiquette with a packet of wet wipes - is not necessary.

Keeping toilets in public places clean should come naturally without one expecting any form of reward or recognition.

We must avoid a situation where toilet users are hygiene-conscious and keep the place clean only when they get something out of it.

What should count most is their desire to play a part in improving the condition of public toilets so that over time, dirty and unhygienic toilets will be a thing of the past.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng