Forum: Keep current speed limit on expressways for safety of all road users

The only reason I can think of to support increasing the speed limit on expressways is that today's cars come with more powerful engines and there is this penchant for some motorists to drive faster (Consider higher speed limit on expressways, Jan 25).

As it is, many motorists are already breaching the speed limit on expressways, especially in lane one, without much consequence.

Some drivers will always find themselves in emergencies - they can be late for work or for appointments. They have this attitude of entitlement that drivers keeping to the speed limit in front of them should get out of their way, especially in lane one of expressways.

Singapore is a city state and our expressways can be very congested, especially during peak hours.

Chain collisions occur often, especially in lane one, which attests to the fact that people are tailgating and driving too fast.

I think the current speed limit on our expressways should stay the same for the safety of all road users.

James Teo Teck Nam

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