Forum: Keep BTO flats no-frills, affordable for young couples

If the Government is serious about boosting the country's dismal fertility rate, it should focus less on policies like the Baby Bonus, which kicks in only after the baby is born, and concentrate instead on why people are choosing not to have children or to have fewer of them.

The Government should encourage people to get married, and own their first Build-To-Order (BTO) home at an affordable price.

It makes sense for BTO flats to be allocated to married couples, and younger ones should have more subsidies.

To some extent, the Central Provident Fund grants and income ceilings support this.

However, a young couple just starting out may find prices of flats high. If they are burdened by a huge housing mortgage, they would think twice about having children.

Flats should also come without frills so they are more affordable.

As Singapore celebrates its 57th birthday, I hope the Government remembers that our only natural resource is our people, Singaporeans.

Lynne Tan

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