Forum: 'Just in case' actions are prudent, give peace of mind

I am reassured that many people still continue to wear masks.

It shows that they have carefully considered the pros and cons of mask-wearing, and noted that as we are not yet out of danger, it is prudent to continue to wear a mask.

While Covid-19 infections in Singapore are relatively under control, spikes in cases are still happening in some countries.

The Government has said that if cases spike again, it would bring back mask-wearing rules.

General practitioners have also cautioned that influenza cases are likely to rise as more people go mask-less.

Therefore, I do not blame those who still adhere to mask-wearing.

It has nothing to do with bringing up a "just in case" generation (Are we bringing up a 'just in case' generation? Aug 30).

There are many decisions that we make in life "just in case". For instance, we purchase life insurance just in case we suffer serious illnesses, accidents or even death. We opt for fixed-rate home loans, just in case interest rates rise.

Such actions are necessary, prudent and reassuring, and provide peace of mind.

I agree that it is imperative for everyone to be innovative and to take calculated risks, to navigate this complex and troubled world.

Similarly, it is also imperative that we do not succumb easily to blind compliance and foolhardiness.

Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan

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