Forum: Judge courageous to reverse decision

Mr Victor Ng Beng Li said in his letter that High Court Judge Choo Han Teck should have stuck to his previous order to redact the names of the six trainee lawyers who cheated in their bar exams, as rescinding his order might give an impression that he is yielding to pressure (Reversing decision to redact names of trainee lawyers who cheated throws up questions, April 30).

I disagree with him.

The Attorney-General's Chambers made arguments that redacting the names would "cast a cloud over the entire batch of candidates", and that open justice is a fundamental principle in open court proceedings (Redacting names of Bar exam cheats would cast cloud over entire batch: AGC, April 29).

Justice Choo has shown courage by reversing his decision after considering these arguments.

I would be concerned about the fairness of Singapore's judicial system if our judges do not have the courage to reverse their previous judgments when there are new findings, out of fear of being perceived as having been influenced or not wanting to admit that their previous judgment was wrong.

Lim Ai Tiong

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