Forum: It may be too early to streamline Covid-19 measures

I am perplexed with the latest streamlined Covid-19 measures, which were announced while Singapore is reporting more than 10,000 cases daily. The case numbers in the past few days are the highest we have seen since Covid-19 hit our shores in 2020.

Allowing households to have five visitors at any one time, allowing social gatherings of up to five at the workplace to resume and allowing sport activities to proceed with up to 30 persons will increase intermingling and the risk of exposure to the virus. I fear that this will stretch our healthcare system further.

It seems counter-productive to announce such measures in the midst of an Omicron wave, particularly when sectors like transport and healthcare are facing manpower shortages due to workers being infected.

While it is important to prepare for the eventual full reopening of Singapore, the timing of these measures may end up suffocating and over-stretching operational capacities.

Would it be more prudent to introduce these latest measures after the Omicron wave has subsided?

Janis Soo

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