Forum: Intermittent loud sounds detrimental to residents’ mental health

I refer to Mr Solomon Tan’s letter addressing the deficiencies of sound barriers used at construction sites (‘Sound barrier’ does not do its job, Oct 17).

The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) reply did not sufficiently address the issue (Enforcement action taken if sound barriers are ineffective, Oct 22).

My recent complaint to NEA on noise pollution through my MP was met with a similar answer: “The noise levels are at acceptable levels as monitored by the noise meters at the site”.

I was told that although the noise levels exceeded the set limit, it must be continuous to be considered unacceptable by NEA.

In my case, the loud banging noises come in sudden bursts ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes that take place throughout the day.

These intermittent sounds jolt residents throughout the day and can be detrimental to our mental health. Previously, a similar development nearby did not have such loud banging noises.

Perhaps NEA should look into site practices which are causing such loud intermittent noises.

Chan Hong Hei

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