Forum: Install on-board units in new cars in showrooms

I have started to shop for a replacement vehicle for my Land Rover that is coming to the end of its statutory lifespan of 20 years.

With the installation of the new on-board units (OBUs) slated to start in the latter half of this year, I am surprised that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has not asked all the new-car showrooms to introduce and demonstrate the system to consumers.

These showrooms are the perfect place for LTA to install the OBUs in new cars. This will let consumers and business owners see first-hand, before the system goes live, if there is any substantial impact to usage and business operations.

For instance, would the installation of the OBU limit the cabin space in commercial vehicles that can seat two passengers beside the driver?

From the size of the OBU, it also seems that I would have to remove the battery for my dashboard camera to accommodate the unit.

Some new cars have a cocoon type of construction for passenger safety, and it would be good to see what kind of an impact the OBUs - which will take up more space than existing in-vehicle units - will have.

LTA needs to focus on only new cars as I assume the OBUs will be installed in them first, to maximise their operational lifespan.

Larry Leong

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