Forum: Information requested allows Healthy 365 app to deliver more relevant messages

We refer to Mr Johann Senaratna’s feedback on the Healthy 365 app (Why does app need race, marital info?, Jan 13).

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) aims to serve Singaporeans better with targeted and effective health promotion programmes and messages.

By using the requested information such as the individual’s age, race and marital status, the Healthy 365 app is able to deliver more relevant messages to the individual user.

These messages could be on health promoting events and activities, or on relevant health information, with the objective of encouraging individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles.

HPB adheres to the Government’s personal data protection framework to ensure proper use and security of personal data. These include putting in place strict policies, processes, safeguards and regular audits.

Koh Peng Keng

Chief Operating Officer

Health Promotion Board

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