Forum: Ineligible for printed NS55 credits vouchers despite years with SAF

I belong to the Pioneer Generation and am eligible for the $100 worth of digital credits under the NS55 Recognition Package.

I am using a prepaid SIM card for my phone without a data plan.

I requested printed vouchers, which would take some time to process. However, after waiting for about two months, I received a phone call telling me that I am not eligible for printed vouchers as I was from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Only Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel are eligible.

I enlisted as a full-time national serviceman with the SAF in July 1970. I continued to attend in-camp training and several reporting exercises with the SAF until 1983.

In 1988, I was transferred as a reservist to SCDF, and attended two in-camp trainings. I was discharged in 1989.

I am perplexed that my 13 years of service with the SAF are not on record.

Chin Kee Thou

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