Forum: Include Tan Tock Seng's grave on list for heritage study too

As the authorities study areas with heritage value to be placed under the Heritage and Identity Structure Plan (Heritage plan to study sites with links to colonial past, June 7), I hope they will include Outram Hill.

This is where the more than 100-year-old grave of the great pioneer, Tan Tock Seng, is sited.

This kind-hearted philanthropist, among his other deeds, gave his time and money during his lifetime to set up a "pauper hospital" to care for the sick and poor in early Singapore, without which many would have been left to die in the streets.

He was made Justice of the Peace by the colonial government to recognise his many contributions to the local community.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cited Tan during his 2007 National Day Rally speech, when he urged Singaporeans to give back to the community after they have done well.

Tan's grave today is part of the Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail. I hope the authorities can preserve this precious site for the sake of Singapore's history and future.

Roney Tan Kee Lian

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