Forum: Include clean toilets in Green Plan 2030

I watched with excitement the launch of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 on Wednesday (Singapore poised to take green leap forward, Feb 11).

However, I noticed that clean toilets were not included in the plan. This is unfortunate, given that every effort will go to waste if another virus like the one causing Covid-19 strikes and spreads due to poor hygiene in public toilets.

As the winner of the first Singapore Green Plan 2012 Award, I urge the Government to include clean toilets in the Green Plan 2030.

Singapore has invested the last 50 years projecting an image to the world that it is a clean and green Garden City. It would be penny wise pound foolish to save on paying professional cleaners to clean Singapore's public toilets.

I look forward to seeing clean toilets included in Green Plan 2030.

Jack Sim


World Toilet Organisation