Forum: Improve right-turn signal system at traffic junctions

A right-turn signal that lets drivers turn only when the green arrow comes on has been implemented at many traffic junctions.

I understand that this represents a safer option for vehicles on the road. It makes sense for busy traffic junctions as it is a good control function.

However, it is not the same at junctions where the traffic flow is very low. I have seen vehicles waiting to turn right but cannot even though the road is empty, because the arrow is red. This can be rather inefficient.

There is a build-up of vehicles that are stuck until the arrow turns green for the front car. Waiting times also increase because not all vehicles manage to turn before the arrow turns red again.

This has resulted in heavier traffic at some junctions with multiple roads converging there.

More thorough studies should be done to improve this right-turn signal system so that drivers can have a smoother and more efficient ride on the road.

Teow Sing Teng

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