Forum: Ikea sets good example for tray return system

Ikea sets a good example when it comes to the tray return system, even without imposing rules and regulations. The store's trays are always clean, and "eating" from the tray is easy and hassle-free.

I have not once found dirty or smelly trays. As a result, diners do not mind cleaning up after their meals and returning their trays, without having to be reminded.

Operators of foodcourts or hawker centres should take a cue from Ikea.

With tray return being made mandatory, perhaps it is also time for foodcourts and hawker centres to clean up their act and ensure that diners do not have to put up with dirty, smelly, wet or warped trays.

While I do appreciate the work done by cleaners, it is shocking to see them use the same piece of cloth to wipe trays, tables and seats.

I think it is reasonable for diners to expect clean tables and trays from the moment they place an order.

If this expectation is not met, the National Environment Agency and Singapore Food Agency should fine the foodcourt or hawker centre operator.

This campaign has to work both ways.

Lucy Ng

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