Forum: If one gets sick from Covid-19, dying is not the only bad outcome

Forum writer Steven Ho Peng Hock said many sensible things, but I take issue with a few, especially as this may lead to a "get on with it" attitude here, as adopted by people in some other countries "living" (or should I say dying?) with Covid-19 (Should daily reports focus only on those who are likely to fall very ill?, Oct 1).

I have many friends and extended family members living in many places, including India, Europe and the United States.

After hearing about their experiences of being exposed to the Delta variant, I fully support the Singapore Government's attitude of being cautious.

I want to emphasise that the danger of dying of Covid-19 is not the only bad outcome to be considered if one gets the illness.

I know of many people in other countries, most in their 30s to early 50s, who survived the illness but, even five to eight months later, are suffering from depression, severe exhaustion, frequent mental fog, inflamed internal organs and other medical issues.

They are unable to function well at work, and just cannot drum up the energy even for short daily walks. All of them, like me, are fully vaccinated.

This business of which figures to focus on is a tricky one.

In India, when people were falling severely sick with Covid-19, the official numbers of infections and deaths - which some suspected might not have reflected the actual figures - led to a false sense of complacency among many who started going about their normal lives.

Many ended up dying, even younger people, since there were high levels of infection circulating in the communities.

It does not matter greatly how other countries are classifying Singapore in terms of risk.

This country's Government is responsible for the safety and well-being of its people. That is the bottom line.

Tara Dhar Hasnain

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